Decenturion State

Decenturion is a rapidly developing state that has leveraged the complex of cutting-edge technologies to build an effective economy and a progressive society.

For thousands of years the humankind has been dreaming of the fair state, of the transparent system, which would provide equal rights to everyone. Today, you can become a part of such a state.

General Information

The state was founded on June 4th, 2018. The official founding date is timed to the first performance of state representatives at a special UN event in New York, USA.

The number of citizens as of August, 2018 counts at 250.000 people and is constantly growing thanks to the improved state management model [1], innovational economy, and informational policy.

Direct democracy [2] is the form of political organization of Decenturion. The institutes of government are the ministries controlled by the citizens. The executive bodies are the accredited organizations.

Decenturion ranks first in the world by the density of millionaires per capita [3], level of education and IT-literacy.

Currently, Decenturion is in the process of purchasing territories, which will let the State gain the status of an independent state and join the UN in accordance with the regulations.

  1. Decenturion applies decentralized technologies in the economy, lawmaking, and social sphere, it also helps to introduce them to other states.
  2. For the first time in the history, the state has implemented a technology that allows taking into account each citizen’s vote and adjust the number of laws accordingly.
  3. The calculation is made by the formula – a total number of citizens, whose balance on the indicated crypto-wallet exceeds $1 million divided by a total number of citizens as of August 1st, 2018.

Decenturion State offers two forms of participation

Decenturion Residents

Physical residents
  • The highest density of millionaires per capita
  • The highest level of education
  • The highest level of IT-literacy

Citizens participate in the economy of the state by selling tokens on the external market.

The limited quota: 30 000 000 citizens
Tax rate: 0%

Get citizenship
Legal residents
  • A perfect token-model, implemented by the stringent guideline
  • The widest base of loyal consumers, demonstrating permanent growth
  • The highest motivation (50% in your own possession)

Startups form the basis of the Decenturion economy, distributing 50% of their own tokens among citizens free of charge.

Limited quota: absent Tax rate: 25% of gross profit, realized in the form of obligations on buy-out and burn-out of startup’s own tokens

Submit your startup
What does Decenturion citizenship provide?
  • You become a part of the world’s first state with direct democracy and blockchain economy;
  • You influence Decenturion policy – and together with other citizens define the path of its development;
  • You get income of startups tokens in case of your passive participation and you get more in case of active participation and when holding ministerial positions.
Make your own contribution to the development of the society and the renewal of the global paradigm.

It’s easy to acquire citizenship today

How to become a citizen?

  1. Citizen Account

    Register an account

  2. Electronic passport

    Fill in your passport information

  3. Citizenship activation

    Activate your citizenship with 1 DCNT token

The citizenship set of a new citizen:

  • Account in a dashboard;
  • Passport of the Decenturion state;
  • Decenturion ETH-wallet, where the startups tokens will be distributed;
  • Landing page of a Decenturion citizen, where one can sell startups tokens, conduct economic and legislative activities;
  • Educational material for an effective implementation of citizens’ potential.
The cost of citizenship today — $112. The cost of citizenship will only increase and will never get lower than it is today
Become a citizen today

State Development Program

MinistryKpiDecember 31, 2018December 31, 2019December 31, 2020


Number of citizens600 0001 800 0003 000 000


Number of startups3003 3006 300


Sales turnover of startups tokens15 000 000 000150 000 000 000150 000 000 000

Construction and Land Management

Number of islands135


Number of ministries employees2 5005 0007 500

Administrative Affairs

Stages of software developmentEconomy, Lawmaking, Reputation, State Procurement ModuleSpecialized software from each of the ministries_


Level of education in the State50%75%100%


Decenturion Foundation Capitalization10 000 000 000 $100 000 000 000 $1 000 000 000 000 $

General Assembly

Stages of transition to autonomy75%100%_

All ministries are initiated by proposing the corresponding draft laws and are approved by citizens' voting.
The citizens approve the structure of the ministries, the motivational program and the KPIs.
Ministers are nominated and appointed by citizens through the voting.
Citizens control the work of ministries and ministers.

Decenturion today

280 000







Accredited Organizations





Why today?

Decenturion citizenship provides significant benefits. Register today and start participating in the economy and law-making.

Decenturion is an innovational state that has leveraged all technological capabilities to implement the human potential. Joining Decenturion not only provides a passive income but also gives a unique status.

Why now?

  • The amount of DCNT tokens (Decenturion passports) is limited and decreasing rapidly;
  • DCNT tokens increase in price every month;
  • Having registered today, you start getting income in the form of startup tokens.

Why Decenturion?

  • It’s the first time the State pays its citizens;
  • It’s the first time every citizen is a shareholder of the State;
  • It’s the first time the state transfers 100% GDP to its citizens;
  • It’s the first time the citizens can directly exercise power, propose and approve laws;
  • It’s the first time an environment of like-minded people is created, where everyone's voice is taken into account.

The most complete information about Decenturion

Educational material from Nikolay Evdokimov, Minister of Information, Decenturion

Physical residents and their rights
Functions of the passport
Legal residents
Ministries and public positions
Economy and DCNT tokens
General principles of the Decenturion economy
Forming the demand for tokens
Forming an offer
Decenturion Token Launch and ICO